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ArchSafe and ArchSafe Plus Directions for Use

archsafePlace one foot on a wedge of appropriate size and the correct side. The big toe and the inner side of the foot are placed on the higher side of the wedge and the heel and the outer side of the foot are placed on the lower side of the wedge. Always keep the heel in contact with the wedge and the knee locked straight.

Place the opposite leg in front of the body. Move the body forwards to bring the foot closer to the shin and feel the stretch in the calf muscles. Hold the stretch for several seconds before relaxing. Stretch the opposite calf using the appropriate wedge. Both calves can be stretched simultaneously placing each foot on its corresponding wedge and leaning against a wall. A few stretches every day will improve calf muscle flexibility while protecting the foot.


Caution: the wedges should be used for passive stretching only. Walking or running with the wedge can cause ankle fractures and sprains.

Using HealthyStretch

healthystretchDesigned by a world-renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, the Healthy Stretch has been clinically tested to provide safe and productive stretching. This is a device that you use before and after your workout, that you use bare footed to get a much deeper stretch than you could on your own.