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brochureIntroducing Arch Safe Brochure

ArchSafe wedges were designed by an orthopaedic surgeon for stretching the calf muscles while adequately locking the foot. The soft, natural rubber used in the wedges is slip resistant, comfortable, and durable. The tiny bumps on the surface stimulate nerve endings and soothe sore feet. Down load a pdf document of the Introducing Arch Safe Brochure.


Arch Safe Painful Flat Feet Flyer

Flat feet are common in the population and usually do not cause problems unless they lead to calf tightness. Calf tightness will make flat feet worse and cause foot pain, tendon rupture, and arthritis. With the current stretching techniques, attempt to stretch the calf muscle will stretch the foot arch but not the calf muscles. Locking of the foot makes it rigid, prevents stretching of the foot arch, and can allow calf stretching without the need for surgery. ArchSafe™. Download a pdf document of the G2 HealthCare Painful Flat Feet Flyer.



Diabetics are at increased risk of foot damage, due to reduced blood supply and sensation in the feet. In addition, diabetics who have calf tightness are at increased risk of developing foot ulcers and arthritis. If left untreated, these problems can lead to foot amputation. Both ulcers and arthritis can be prevented by improving flexibility of the calf muscles. Down load a pdf document of the G2 HealthCare Don't Let Diabetes Damage Your Feet Flyer.


instructionsArch Safe Products Directions for Use Flyer

A single page guide with instructions for using ArchSafe Products. Down load a pdf document of the G2 HealthCare ArchSafe Instructions for Use Flyer.